Black Market Art

Black Market Art Apparel at Cave Culture Australia

The Black Market Art Company was founded in the US by Mark Malott in 2005.  His inspiration came from his love of Tattoos and Tattoo Art.  All his company’s designs are hand made originals created specifically for the company line by some of today’s top Tattoo Artists! 

The Company uses top quality clothing and pays utmost attention to detail, to create some of the best apparel available! 

Every garment they offer has a hang tag with the artists name and contact information, so you know who created it and how to find out more about them.


The Black Market Art Company has featured over 2000 different, original works of art from over 175 different artists from across the globe!  That is what they love doing most. Creating quality products featuring the work of truly gifted and impactful artists.

Cave Culture Australia are stoked to have a range of Men’s Black Market Art Apparel, in stock, in Australia ready to ship! See our full range here and look out for new product coming soon.

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