For a while I’d been getting the impression from family, friends and colleagues that us men aren’t easy to buy for.  I guess that makes sense, because most of us have these hobbies that we get into on the weekends either out with mates or by ourselves in our Man Caves.  Often there a bit niche too.  For me it’s working on my car, woodwork and making beats.  I’ve got a mate who’s into Photography, Fishing and Flying Drones.  Another mate is a keen Gardener and others are mad Gamers.

One thing we all have in common though is that we find a most of the gear for our hobbies online and that makes it tricky when our loved ones are shopping for gifts.  How do they know where to find the stuff we’re into?  That might be why we get so many pairs of socks and undies. 

So ambitiously I thought, imagine if you could jump online and find something for every bloke in the one place. Imagine if I could find all the stuff I want in one place! A Man mega store! Well ok maybe that’s going a bit far, but it was these ideas that inspired me to create Cave Culture. 

At present Cave Culture Australia has partnered with established suppliers in Australia, the US and Europe to bring you a unique selection of products you wouldn’t normally find together, across a range of categories.   We have brands you know and trust and we’re actively looking for new product and new businesses to work with. 

Cave Culture Australia is family owned and operated.  We’re a small team with extensive experience in Customer Service, logistics and Sales.  We have a passion for retail and pride ourselves on our commitment to supplying all our customers, with quality product and high level service.  Our base is in Tropical Far North Queensland, but most or your orders will ship directly from supplier warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide for faster shipping and a better shopping experience. 

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Tim Cobain


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash