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The new Black Book Zero is Faster and more powerful than ever!

The team at Melbourne based, Venom Computers has been designing and manufacturing desktop computers since 2008.  In 2012 the Venom Black Book was born.  Since then Venom have received multiple awards and gained a global following.

Their new 14” Black Book Zero Notebooks are designed for the working professional. Built with quality components to do their job with speed and reliability.  They feature 14.1-inch Full HD displays with a choice of either a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and LPDDR3 Ultra low voltage Ram delivering optimum performance for long periods.

With a slim profile and body encased in Stealth Black Aluminium Composite the Zero looks slick. But looks aren’t everything. It feels well-built and incredibly durable. Even the keyboard feels robust and is genuinely satisfying to type on.   

To top it off the Black Book Zero has a 10-12 hour optimal working battery life with a maximum of 18 hours and comes with every connectivity option you can imagine including a second power adapter.

We give the Black Book Zero 14 a big thumbs up.

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